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Proud Boys, Neo-Nazis, and White Nationalists Protested ‘Drag Bingo’ at Texas Church

About 100 far-right protesters were met by 100 counterprotesters at a Texas church hosting a drag event. Participants from both sides had guns.

Neo-Nazis, Proud Boys, preppy white nationalists, and Christian fundamentalists gathered in Katy, Texas, this weekend to protest a “drag bingo” fundraiser held by a local church.

It’s another example of the right’s moral panic surrounding drag events and attacks on the LGBTQ community.

Reporters at the scene estimated there were about 100 protesters in all, who were met by 100 counterprotesters, including antifascists wearing all black. In a few instances, the two sides clashed. Photographers from the scene observed that some participants in the protest and counterprotest were carrying guns.

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