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Making Affirming Churches Fashionable

Katy’s First Christian Church opens their new safe space for LGBTQ youth with a fashion-show fundraiser.

Looking good is a vital part of feeling good, and suburban Katy’s LGBTQ-affirming First Christian Church (FCC) is on a mission to help people of all gender expressions look their best. The church hosted their Transparent Closet Fashion and Drag Show on August 4, complete with popular local drag performers and young models from the church community. Proceeds will benefit Kaleidoscope Place (or KPLACE), the church’s new safe space for LGBTQ youth.

FCC’s community-relations chairperson, Alex, who identifies as bisexual and nonbinary, speaks to the impact of the church’s fearless advocacy work: “It is such a privilege to be the first LGBTQ+ affirming church in Katy. Our congregation has discerned that God is calling us to bear witness to the inequities [we see in] our Katy community, along with the injustices that the queer community constantly faces. It surely has been exciting to be somewhat of a lightning rod in the community as we continue to shed light on the needs of the queer community.”

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